Alvin & Lula Begay  Alvin & Lulu begay are Navajo and were both born in Winslow, AZ. in 1956 They also attended the Winslow High school. Both also had Native art backgrounds. Alvin’s mother was a well known Native American rug weaver. Her rugs still hang in Winslow AZ.  Lula’s parents were both Native American jewelers. Alvin trained under the very well known Tommy Singer and worked for him for 12 years.  He then worked for Navajo jeweler Abraham Begay for 2 years.  Alvin and Lula came up with their own style of  Alvin & Lula Bejewelry in 1991 and do this full time at home.  Alvin does the designing and silver work while Lula does the buffing and stone work.  They do silver overlay and use high quality turquoise and coral.  They have won several awards over the years and are carried by different Native American galleries across the U.S.  They stamp their pieces with Alvin inside a feather.  

Andrew "Redhorse" Alvarez  Native American jeweler Andrew Alvarez is a multiple award winning Apache artist. Andrew was born in 1953 and he began making jewelry in 1966. Andrew was voted top 20 living Native American jewelers by Native Peoples magazine in 2004. His one of a kind pieces are tufa cast in sterling silver or gold with natural turquoise and precious gemstones.

Albert Banteah  Albert was born in 1949 in Zuni, New Mexico and began making Zuni jewelry in 1969.  He is a multiple award winning artist and was taught by his father-in-law Jake Haloo.  His favorite designs are songbirds, cardinals, hummingbirds and flowers.  Albert does his work with his wife Dolly Banteah.  They are noted for each piece being museum quality.

Dolly Banteah  Dolly was taught jewelry making by her father the famous Jake Haloo.  She comes from a family of famous jewelry artists.  She began making Native American jewelry in the 1970s with her husband Albert Banteah.  Her and her husband have won many awards over the years and they continue to make beautiful jewelry to this day.  

Floyd Becenti  Floyd was born in 1962 and started making jewelry in the early 1980s.  He lives in Gallup, New Mexico and is known for his traditional and contemporary silver overlay.  

Sheila Becenti  Sheila is a Navajo silversmith and is 41 years old.  She enjoys being at home with her children when she can.  She has been making Native American jewelry for appproximately 15 years.  Sheila stamps her pieces with an S.  

Calvin Begay  Calvin Begay is an award-winning Navajo artist, jeweler, designer and master craftsman.  He was born in Galup, New Mexico in 1965 and raised in Tohatchi which is located in Northwestern New Mexico.  Calvin designed his first piece of jewelry at age 10, learning from his mother and uncle.  Calvin has won numerous awards for his work and his jewelry has been featured in Arizona Highways and Southwest Art magazines.  Calvin has a unique ability to translate traditional Navajo inlay techniques with an elegant and contemporary flair.  His stunning wearable art reflects his Native American heritage and appeals to those who want a contemporary Southwestern look.  Calvin"s jewelry is prized by collectors in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Francis Begay  Francis is a Navajo who does traditional jewelry and and is a master of tufa cast jewelry.  Francis is 57, is very active in his church and enjoys revivals.  He is married with children and has been perfecting his casting craft for over 40 years.

Ernest Roy Begay  Native American jeweler Ernest Roy Begay is a multiple award winning Navajo artist and does intricate deep hand stamping on heavy silver. Ernest uses very high quality turquoise, stones and shell in his Native American made jewelry.  Ernest stamps his pieces ERB.

Andy Cadman  Andy is Navajo and is the older brother of Darrel Cadman and was taught by well known artist Gary Reeves.  He was born in Gallup, New Mexico in 1966.  Like his brother Andy works in quality stone and also does very intricat hand stamping on thick sterling silver.  Andy stamps his pieces A. Cadman.

Darrel Cadman  Darell was born in 1969 in Gallup, New Mexico.  He became active in jewelry making in 1992.  Darrel is known for his quality stones and intricate hand stamping.  Darell signs his pieces with a D or D Cadman with a Rams head. 

Jimmy "Ca'win Calabasa  
Native American jewelry artist Jimmy "Ca'win" Calabasa is from the Santo Domingo tribe and was born in 1949.  Jimmy began making Native American jewelry in the early 1980s. He was married with children when he lost his job so his mother gave him a bucket of turquoise and some silver and told him to make jewelry.  In 1984 Jimmy won a 1st and 2nd place ribbon.  He has perfected his jewelry over the years and has won many many awards since. Jimmy signs his Native American jewelry "Ca'win" which means freedom in Kewa.  Jimmy uses natural Southwest turquoise in his Santo Domingo jewelry. You will find his work in many Native American Indian museums and Native jewelry books.

Effie Calavaza  Effie was born on the Zuni Reservation in 1928 and began making Zuni jewelry in 1955.  She was taught by her husband Juan Calavaza.  Effie is one of the best known Native American jewelers having made quality collectable jewelry with her trademark snake design woven between the stones of her work.  Due to her age her daughters have helped her make jewelry for a while now.  She stamps her pieces Effie C. Zuni.

Marcus Coochwikvia  Hopi jewelry artist Marcus Coochwikvia is an accomplished Native Indian jeweler who is known for his intricate silver overlay work.  Marcus began making Native American jewelry in 1972 and he has won numerous awards over the years.  Marcus resides on the Hopi reservation on 2nd Mesa.

Harlan Coonsis  Zuni jewelry artists Harlan Coonsis was born in 1958 and he began making jewelry in 1975.  He has won many awards over the years.  Harlan married Monica and began making their Native American jewelry together.  They are very well known for their inlay bird jewelry. Harlan & Monica have become one of the top Zuni jewelry artists and have gone on to win many awards at some of the biggest pow-wows in the nation. Some of their favorite designs are eagles, songbirds, cardinals and jays along with trees & leaves.

Ava Marie Coriz  Santo Domingo jewelry artist is also known as "Cool-Ca-Ya".  She was born in 1948.  Ava began making Native American Indian jewelry in 1962 and she was taught by her father Lupe Coriz.  Ava was a multiple award winning artist and was known for her heishi necklaces and silver inlay jewelry.  Ava passed away in 2010.  

Don Dewa  Zuni jewelry artist Don Dewa was born in 1948 and began making jewelry in the 1970s Don was taught by his parents Leroy & Anita Dewa and is a multiple award winning artist.  Don is a famous Native American jeweler known for his handmade sterling silver spinners used in his bracelets, rings & pendants.  Don uses quality turquoise, stone & shell in his belt buckles, bracelets, pendants & rings.

Duane Dishta  Zuni painter Duane Dishta was born in 1946 on the Zuni reservation in New Mexico.  Duane was a top artist and multiple award winning Native American Indian that passed away in 2010.  Duane used acrylic paint & was known for his vivid colors of different Kachinas in the Pueblo villages.

Dennis Edaakie  Zuni jeweler Dennis Edaakie was born in 1931 and passed away in 2008 at the age of 72. Dennis was one of the top Zuni jewelry artists, having won many awards over his life. Dennis made Native American jewelry with the help of his wife Nancy. They began making inlay bird designs in the 1950s by studying different birds from a bird book he bought. Dennis died while out on his nightly walk thru his neighbor’s corn field in Zuni, NM. They stamped his work Dennis & Nancy Edaakie.

Nita Edsitty  Nita is a Navajo silversmith and is 62 years old.  She learned her craft from her family members.  She is a married mother and grandmother and has been making jewelry for over 30 years.  Her specialty is traditional jewelry and she makes a lot of squash blossoms and necklace sets.  Nita stamps her pieces NE.

Ray Francisco  Ray is a 38 year old Navajo silversmith with a wide variety of interests.  He learned silversmithing from his brother and has been practicing his craft for over 15 years.  Ray stamps his pieces R Francisco.

Sharon Francisco  Sharon is a 33 year old mother who enjoys her job making jewelry.  She went to school to learn to be a silversmith and has been working at it for 8 years now.

Thomas Francisco  Thomas is a 40 year old Navajo silversmith who enjoys fishing and bull riding.  He is self taught and excels at large pieces -buckles, bolas and bracelets alon with pendants & earrings.  Thomas signs his pieces TF or Thomas Francisco with an arrow.

Ervin Hoskie  Ervin is probably one of the most talented Navajo jewelers/designers/silversmiths/ goldsmiths ever.  Ervin has won prizes and awards in all facets of the art community.  His work is in the Heard Museum and several galleries in Santa Fe andd Scottsdale.  His jewelry has traditional meanings as well as reflections of his great sense of humor.  Although Ervin is no longer with us, his art continues in the many designs and models he fabricated that are still being produced today.  Ervins designs are stamped with a small EH.

Harrison Jim  Navajo jewelry artist Harrison Jim was born in Gallup, NM. in1952 and learned jewelry making while in high school.  Harrison is known for his handmade sterling silver tufa cast and silver ingot jewelry with turquoise & stone inlay. Harrisonis a multiple award winning Navajo artist.

Charles Johnson  Charles was born in 1948 in Oklahoma.  He is part Sioux, Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw and Seminole.  Charles works in both sterling silver and 14K gold.  Charles is very well known for his cluster works and loves to work in coral.  Charles signs his pieces Charles Johnson.

Nancy Laconcello  Nancy was born in 1952 and began making jewelry in the 1970s.  She comes from a family of silversmiths and inlayers.  Nancy is married to Ruddell Laconcello and do work together.  They are known for their fine inlay of son birds, branches and flowers.  They stamp their work RN Laconcello.

Ruddell Laconcello  Rudy was born on the Zuni reservation in 1959 and began making jewelry in 1976.  He is a multiple award winning Zuni jewelry artist and works with his wife Nancy as a team.  Rudy does the silver work and Nancy does the fine stone & shell inlay.  They stamp their work RN Laconcello.

Wilbert Manning  Navajo jewelry artist Wilbert Manning went to high school in Indiana and attended college in Gallup, NM. where he lives to this day.  Wilbert does very clean work and works a lot in turquoise, coral, jade and mother of pearl.  Wilberts favorite designs are the sunface and feathers. 

Freida Martinez  Freida is a Navajo from Thoreau, NM. and is 51 years old.  She has one child and learned to make jewelry from her father.  She has been a professional silversmith for approximately 10 years.  Freida stamps her pieces F Martinez.

Claudia Peina  Zuni fetish carver Claudia Peina is a very talented and multiple award winning Native American artist. Claudia mostly carves her pieces from deer or elk antler and adorns her fetishes with turquoise, coral and jet.

Happy Piaso  Navajo jewelry artist Happy Piaso was born in Soccoro, NM. in 1972.  Happy was taught jewelry making by her mother Geneva Apachito.  Happy signs her jewelry A. Piaso.

Ruben Saufkie  American Indian jewelry artist Ruben Saufkie is known for his silver overlay jewelry.  He lives on the Hopi reservation and belongs to the water clan. Ruben was born in 1960 and began making Native American jewelry in 1988. He was taught by Roy Talahaftewa which is one of the top Hopi jewelers. Ruben works with sheet silver overlay and tufa cast, sometimes combining the 2 in one piece. Rubens work can be found in Native museums and Native American art galleries. 

Mary Small  Native American potter Mary Small was born in 1940 and is a top artist from the Jemez Pueblo tribe.   Mary's pots are handmade and she has won numerous awards over the years. Mary was the Indian Art and Craft Associations artist of the year in 2002 and 2010. She was taught by her mother Perfectitia Toya. Mary's Native American pots are handmade the traditional way by digging up the clay, processing it into workable clay and makes her pots using the rope method. Mary fires her pots outside and she uses pigments from plants and minerals to paint her pots. These Native American made Jemez pots are signed Mary Small on the bottom by the potter.

Kirk Smith  Kirk was born in 1957 in Breadsprings, New Mexico.  He was taught silversmithing by his grandfather and his brother-in-law Harry Morgan.  He had 8 children and passed away unexpecteldy in 2012 due to a drunk driver.  Kirk was a master craftsman & did intricate stamping on heavy silver, paying attention to detail.  Kirk signed his work KS or Kirk Smith.  

Larry Spencer  Larry  is a 54 year old Navajo silversmith with over 25 years of jewelry making experience.  He learned his craft from his wife Esther.  Larry's hobbies include softball, basketball and fishing.  Larry stamps his pieces L Spencer.

Rick Tolino  Rick is a 50 year old Navajo silversmith from Red Rock, NM.  Rick learned to make jewelry in a high school class.  He is a father and enjoys roping.  He is an excellent silversmith and has been working at it for 30 years.  

Ervin P. Tsosie  Ervin was born Sept. 1, 1970 in New Mexico.  He began making jewelry in 1987 at the age of 17 and he is completely self taught.  Ervin is known for his extremely intricate inlay pieces which is called Micro Inlay.  Many of his items have well over 100 pieces of hand ground stone & shell.  He is known for his Yei figures which is a Navajo Hooly person.  Ervin drives for perfection and will work on 3 or 4 pieces at a time.  Ervin is a multiple award winning jewelry artist& you will find him in many Native American Jewelry books, museums and quality Native jewelry galleries.  Ervin signs his pieces EsterlingT on the back.

Lorraine Waatsa  Lorraine began making jewelry in 1971 and she was taught by her mother the famous Alice Quam.  Lorraine sometimes works with her award winning husband Luwayne Waatsa.  She excels at cluster jewelry and has won many awards over the years.  Lorraine stamps her work LW.

Arlene Yazzie  Arlene is a 48 year old Navajo with 3 children.  She taught herself to work with silveer and stones and enjoys sewing and horseback riding.  Arlene has been making Native American jewelry for 23 years.  Arlene stamps her pieces AY.